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My one and only Wanjing <3 051108*
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 2:18 AM

I totally regretted surrendering my phone. Did not chat with baby for 3 days ): miss her alot. During camp on the first day, do C.I.P for the whole day -.- second day went to botanical garden for amazing race. We chiong like siao lor. I ran on the small pebble cus it's a small competition :x my feet pain until now x.x at night, we had camp fire. Our group perform a modern dance :D everybody clap and cheer LOL! The third day of camp, which is oso the last day, we had telematch. Although we didnt do well but we try our best :D! haha after break camp, immediately sms baby. I so guai hor? listen to my baby :p hahahaha! baby sms me about 30+ times i tink :x all her message was so sweeeeeet :B haha, post till here, bye :D!

long time didn't post le o.o
Thursday, May 13, 2010 2:27 AM

hmmm...wad should i post for today? (: my gf wan me post :D kays, i'll be going overseas soon ): baby havent charge her phone, when will we text each other? ): baby did not message me for 4 days, felt very very lonely ): hadn't slept well for 4 days, having headache for 4 days oso ): i hit my head on the wall , try to make my headache gone, but cant x.x baby, i'm gonna miss you :) love you. Post till here, bye guys :)

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